Don’t Forget to Jump for Joy

April 20, 2017 ·

How many of us find ourselves waiting for the big “win.” Landing an important new client, winning a big proposal, getting a much sought after promotion. We spend so much time looking forward, that we don’t see all the little wins we accomplish every day. Even when we do get that big win, often we are already looking forward to the next one and don’t even properly appreciate it.

We take so much for granted, even the hard work we put into our jobs, that we forget to “jump for joy” when we experience an accomplishment. Most of us don't spend enough time appreciating our “wins,” big or small. Instead we focus on what we haven't done or what needs to be done. By doing so we are choosing struggle over enjoyment.

Susan Jeffers had this same problem. She wrote in End the Struggle and Dance With Life about her own realization that she wasn’t appreciating her accomplishments. “At one time, it was a dream of mine to have a book published. I truly jumped for joy the day I received a copy of my first published book in the mail. As time went on, many other of my books were published, with editions published in other countries. This made two large shelves of my published works. But, soon, I took it all for granted. As each new edition of the books would come in the mail, I would mindlessly add it to the collection on my shelves without a moment of gratitude...without a moment of celebration.”

“One day, as I sat at my desk, I looked over at the book shelf and the ‘miracle’ of it all hit me. I stopped what I was doing, walked over to the bookshelf, and celebrated all those neglected successes for the very first time by jumping up and down for joy. I pulled out each book and thanked that particular publisher. I thanked the people who bought the books. I thanked myself for pushing through the fear and writing the books. I thanked my Higher Power for giving me the life force to be a part of this amazing world.”

Take some time each day to appreciate your accomplishments. Whether it’s just getting your weekly report out on time or it’s winning an industry award for your work, every “win” should be appreciated. “Jump for joy” at your accomplishments. Because, as Susan wrote:

“Remember that true success comes from the noticing and the celebration of all our blessings.”

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