How Do You Listen?

October 18, 2017 ·

“I listened carefully to their wisdom, they reaffirmed and added to my fund of knowledge.” –Susan Jeffers

We are so often told that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there. That to make it in our jobs we have to be cut-throat. Following such advice, we might find some success, but we sure won’t be happy about it. In the long run, putting ourselves ahead of our colleagues will leave us isolated and behind. What is success, really, if we don’t have friends and supporters to share it with?

To make connections that really matter, we need to show respect and show our fellow workers that they matter.

The best way to do that is to listen and show that you are listening. You’re probably thinking, “I’m a great listener, all I do is listen!” But do you really? Maybe you’re looking right at them and nodding along, but are you really listening? Or are you thinking about lunch or what you’re going to do after work?

If you really want to make someone feel that they matter to you, that they are respected, then listen. It’s really pretty easy. As you listen to someone speak, ask them questions, repeat back to them what they’ve said, respond with “when you say…” or “this makes me think…” Really engage in the conversation. Make sure you are speaking less than you are listening.

Susan Jeffers wrote in Dare to Connect, “Really listening opens us up to receive not only the insight of others, it allows us to connect on a deeper level. It is another way of acknowledging the ‘light’ in another person.”

Really listening when Bob from Human Resources recount his latest fishing trip sure sounds like a real chore. Sure, you have zero interest in listening to him, but he’s not a bad guy and deserves your respect. Show him that by really listening to him, no matter what he’s talking about. Even if it’s a coworker you don’t particularly like, listen to them as you would want to be listened to. Then, maybe, in the future they will return the favor. 

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