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July 14, 2017 ·

At SusanJeffers.com this month, we’re talking about Heroes. Not the kind in the skin-tight costumes that save the universe over and over again, but the kind that you pass in the street and don’t recognize because they look just like regular people. Because they are regular people.

Susan Jeffers wrote in her book, Embracing Uncertainty, about her own heroes. People she looked up to who gave her inspiration. Some of her heroes were leaders—Viktor Frankl and Ram Dass—while some were people she knew who had been through the worst life has to offer and still came out a winner. She kept a notebook filled with her heroes’ stories that she could refer to whenever she needed some inspiration.

She suggested that you do this too. In the business arena, there are a lot of inspiring CEOs to look to for inspiration—Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, or Richard Branson, just to name a few of the big ones. But it’s also important to look to unrecognized heroes.

Perhaps you can find a Hero in a former boss who was a mentor to you. Or maybe a coworker who always seems to go the extra mile and who had overcome some tragedy in his or her life. You could even find a hero in that nurse at your doctor’s office or the barista a at your favorite coffee shop may have lived an inspirational life that could serve as an example to you.

Heroes and inspiration are everywhere. When you’re feeling deflated or overwhelmed by work and need some encouragement to help you go forward, think about your heroes—both well-known and unsung—to give you boost of inspiration. 

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