CorporateFear is rarely discussed in the workplace. In fact, it can often be seen as a dirty word, and few want to admit that fear is a part of their organization. But upon closer examination, many challenges faced in the workplace are driven by fear. Any responsible executive will admit that effectiveness and efficiency are often hampered by employee and management inflexibility, cynicism, "us versus them" syndrome, resistance to change, misplaced priorities, lack of recognition, silence, sarcasm, and management by intimidation - all different manifestations of fear.

Our approach is customized to fit the needs of each client, personalizing our training to address executive concerns in dealing with the fear-based actions of their employees. We create a stand-alone training experience that empowers management and employees to take ownership of their work by overcoming the fears and other negative emotions that are limiting them, and thus the organization, from achieving their full potential. Feel the Fear allows management and employees to operate from their higher selves, creating a better work-life balance while enhancing productivity. Our training process is a unique, personalized and interactive approach based on 25 years of success of the landmark work, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®,consistently recognized as one of the top ten business decision-making books.

The Feel the Fear approach is customized, yet universal - everyone in any organization can benefit from the empowerment our training creates. Whether educating executives, developing leaders, improving communication, or training specific functions, the Feel the Fear approach is powerfully relevant and gets results. To start Corporate Training in your workplace, please visit the Our Trainers page then search for a trainer in your area, and reach out to them today!