What is Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®?
Feel the Fear Training is a corporate training system based on the landmark change management work Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. The material challenges traditional fear-based approaches in the workplace and replaces this with a 21st century culture of openness, collaboration, meaning and positivity. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® is consistently recognized as one of the top ten books for business decision-making.

Why does the workplace need to change for the 21st century?
In the traditional model the workplace responds by being reactive, competitive and divisive. Employees are insecure, in competition with each other, and consequently fearful. When employees are driven by fear and insecurity, it can create dysfunctional cultural workplace norms, resulting in poor morale, resistance to change, poor working relationships and problems with high rates of absence and high staff turnover. Re-engineering the culture to one of open communication is imperative for the 21st century. The new model allows employees to be proactive, connected, and caring about colleagues and the community. Self-discovery, self-awareness and learning from each other leads to increased morale, enthusiasm and commitment. Feel the Fear Training helps to eliminate the "What's in it for me?" culture, replacing these attitudes with a collaborative and supportive model. In this global economic climate it is important to promote, challenge and change the culture to align with evolving and changing business needs. Experience shows that this results in increased productivity, improving the financial returns of companies, the educational outcomes in schools, the charitable initiatives of not-for-profits, and more.

Why do we need Feel the Fear Training?
Many organizations do not realize how much fear their employees have.This fear restricts employees from performing at their best and hinders the overall effectiveness of the organization.Dysfunctional cultural norms can result in psychological and social costs, which ultimately have a profound effect on a company's bottom line. Personal misery and social distraction always diminish productivity because employees are not fully focused on their work. Employees are more prone to mistakes, deadlines are missed, customer calls are not returned, decisions are delayed, and employees spend time talking about their misery to one another instead of getting their work done. Productive employees leave and ineffective employees stay and complain. An atmosphere of negativity and complacency is established, rather than one of innovation and collaboration. Feel the Fear Training encourages a new way of behaving in the workplace. We help organizations transition from a traditional fear-based environment where employees are driven by greed, self-preservation, status, and power and instead help them operate from their higher selves. Once employees understand their fear, they are better able to take responsibility and accountability for their actions. This increased ownership of their work leads to improved employee performance through greater creativity and innovation, improved communication and increased focus.

How do you evaluate what our specific needs are?
We meet with key personnel in your organization and identify the performance targets that are not being met.We assess those targets and key performance indicators and identify which of our training strategies will help your management and employees attain performance objectives.

What ROI can we expect from Feel the Fear Training?

Feel the Fear Training is an investment in the capacity of your organization, with a minimum expected return of 15%. We help our clients to evaluate ROI by looking at data, including both quantitative elements like output, productivity and efficiency, quality of work, staff retention, production costs, and absenteeism as well as more qualitative results like work habits and office climate, employee initiative and capacity, teamwork and collaboration, drive for professional development and advancement, customer satisfaction, and community and investor image.

Do you deliver on-site training?
Yes, virtually all our training is conducted on-site. We can, however, arrange the training at off-site venues as needed.

What is the usual length of a Feel the Fear Training course?
We tailor the length of Feel the Fear Training to suit our clients' needs.The courses can be two hours, half a day, one day, two days or longer depending on the depth of training deemed most appropriate for your personnel.

Do you deliver Feel the Fear training by eLearning?
Feel the Fear Training relies on an interactive and personal approach. Thus, we do not offer trainings online, as we believe course participants would not get the full benefit of Feel the Fear Training.

Can I book a Feel the Fear speaker for an event?
Yes, trained Feel the Fear speakers are available for retreats, conferences, conventions, and more. Contact info@feelthefeartraining.com to book a speaker for your next event.