EducationWe recognize that both elementary and secondary schools as well as higher education institutions face increasingly complex challenges in this era of high-stakes accountability and school reform and restructuring. Whether your team needs help with leadership development, employee morale, collaborative planning, managing accountability, team-building, or more effective instruction, Feel the Fear is here to help.

Feel the Fear Training is uniquely positioned to empower employees in the education sector and help them overcome the fear that comes from rising expectations paired with often-shrinking budgets. Our training can be customized to fit the needs of classroom teachers, school personnel, and school and institution management. The Feel the Fear approach guides employees to examine and then overcome their fears, fostering a collaborative environment that leads to improved results.

Feel the Fear also offers a unique training opportunity for students in middle and high school. The empowerment lessons of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® are particularly relevant to young adults struggling with insecurity and facing the turmoil of developing their identity and personal compass. Thus it is perhaps unsurprising that Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® was selected by the School Library Journal as one of the best adult books for young adults. Bringing the Feel the Fear training into a school can help address issues of bullying and harassment, as well as personal and character development.