Fear is a natural and inevitable part of life. We cannot avoid fear - it can affect any aspect of our lives, sometimes in unexpected ways. Though fear cannot be avoided, with help, we can learn to deal with our fears effectively and move to our higher self. We can master our fears and transform them into a manageable companion that accompanies us as we adventure into the unfamiliar and exciting territory ahead.

Much-loved author and leading self-help authority Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. first captured the world's heart over twenty five years ago with her acclaimed book Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®. Susan is best known for her teachings on overcoming fear, healing relationships, and moving forward in life with a sense of confidence and love. Her work has been translated into over 37 languages with multiple bestsellers and total sales in the millions. A renowned workshop leader and celebrated speaker, Susan has taught Feel the Fear courses and workshops in many countries around the world to small groups and audiences of thousands. The overwhelming demand for workshops prompted her to start licensing qualified trainers to teach workshops in order to touch as many lives as possible. Remaining consistent with the concepts of her work, each trainer is committed professionally to teaching her work in a life-affirming, spiritual and joyous manner in accordance with her trademark attitude to life.

In addition to workshops, our trainers are qualified to provide personalized one-on-one Feel the Fear training. One-on-one training is available in person, over the phone, and through online video conferencing, which may be particularly helpful if there are currently no workshops in your area. To find a trainer, please visit the Our Trainers page then search for a trainer in your area, and reach out to them today!

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