Mission Statement

We enable individuals, management, and employees to empower themselves to overcome their fears and operate from their higher selves, thereby achieving their full potential.

As fear is pervasive throughout all areas of our lives and throughout every organization, our training programmes are designed to handle any situation a client is likely to encounter. By its very nature, our training is unique and the process is personalized to fit each client's needs. Part of our success is due to the personal and interactive nature of our approach to enabling every participant to become the best that he or she can be.

Feel the Fear Training is led by a global network of highly qualified and dedicated trainers personally approved by Susan Jeffers to spread the wisdom and guidance from the landmark work Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® and its sequels. Our training provides a deeper understanding of the tools and exercises created by Susan Jeffers to allow clients to move forward with their lives in a more powerful, caring, positive, and confident way.

We are committed to providing our services at the highest level of professional excellence, and to investing in the skills and resources necessary to fulfill our mission.