We work to understand the short, medium and long-term goals of our clients. Our three-part customized approach ensures that our training meets the needs and outcomes of each organization.

  1. Evaluation
    Through collaboration with our client's training organizer, HR, and relevant department heads, we will evaluate the issues and challenges that our training course(s) should be designed to resolve. This analysis is a key element of our training process in order to ensure that the desired results are achieved. With this thorough preparation, our training is tailored to motivate and inspire the participants to play their role in delivering value for the client.
  2. Design and Delivery
    We believe in the power of learning through group interaction built from a foundation of trainer-led instruction. Based on the personal and interactive nature of Susan Jeffers' work and teaching, our training is specifically designed to engage every participant and to encourage a shared response to the training as it progresses. Individual contribution promotes self-confidence, provides insights for other participants, and builds community as participants learn they are not alone with their fears and insecurities. Additionally, Feel the Fear's stand-alone approach makes it simple to integrate into any organization's overall training strategy.
  3. Assessment
    Our commitment doesn't end with our initial training sessions. Our approach relies on continuing assessment of the benefits of Feel the Fear Training. We design customized follow-up sessions and analyses to determine the effectiveness of the training and to evaluate the ROI for our clients. We also offer ongoing assessment courses to ensure that the culture change derived from Feel the Fear Training continues for the long term.