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Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®

The ONLY program in the world with full official endorsement of the Susan Jeffers Corporation.

In around 6 weeks you could be helping others whilst building an income for yourself and fulfilling your dreams as a licensed Instructor…

Our authorized easy to follow online courses are designed to develop your skills and build your confidence…

The most important qualities for success are a love of the work, a desire to help others and an understanding of the book, no other experience is required.


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Susan Jeffers
Rachael Alexander feel the fear and do it anyway
 feel the fear and do it anyway

Well done, you’ve taken the next step…

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® written by Dr. Susan Jeffers, Ph.D. is rated as one of the greatest self-help books ever written – It contains powerful ideas and principles that have improved the lives of millions around the world

The principles laid out in this amazing book are meant to be lived and shared, and that’s what our training program is all about – helping people to develop…
As the director of training for Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® I want everyone to get as much from the book, the work and the program as I have…
Not too long ago I was in your position – after reading Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway ® for the first time in 2007,  I realized how amazing Dr. Jeffers was, I really admired her ability to take complicated aspects of psychology and phrase them in simple terms that everyone could read and understand. At that time my immediate reaction was to try and share what I had learned with everyone I met! This was the start of my career in training…
As things turned out, I was truly blessed to have the opportunity to work directly with Dr. Jeffers for five years and I later became one of the very first instructors to be licensed by her in 2007. Since then I have held many workshops, seminars and discussion groups based on the work. In 2017 I was tasked by The Susan Jeffers Corporation with training and supporting our team of instructors here in the UK and around the globe. Susan was always adamant it wasn’t therapy and it wasn’t counseling; it was a psychological education and I agree with her.
Please continue reading to discover how you too could benefit by becoming a licensed instructor…

Rachael Alexander Director of Training
PS: Throughout a career spanning more than 30 years, Dr. Jeffers was a prolific speaker, trainer, and author – her books have sold more than 15 million copies, reached over 100 countries and been translated into 38 languages. And her celebrity following spoke for itself – it included Oprah, Jim Carrey, Diana Ross, Annie Lennox, and Geri Halliwell.
PPS: As a result of her work, people have left jobs and relationships where they were unhappy and unfulfilled; they have traveled around the world and thousands have come off anti-depressants. Dr. Jeffers has changed the lives of millions. Our program aims to continue that legacy…

“Our instructors are ambassadors who bring the principles and philosophies of Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway to new and existing students all around the world. By helping others to incorporate these tools into their daily lives you will empower them to be the best they can be.  By definition, you are being a force for good, which as you probably have already learned, is a wonderful feeling indeed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

                                                      SUSAN JEFFERS 1938-2012

The Feel The Fear Training System is the ONLY licensed training program in the world that has the full official endorsement of the Susan Jeffers Corporation.

Is This For Me?

If you’ve read Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® and been inspired by it, the answer to this question is already half answered for you. If you feel that what you’ve learned as a result of reading the book is worth sharing, that’s another very positive indication.

Does your personal previous experience or current occupation influence your thinking about the question?
It shouldn’t – whilst it’s true that a small number of our instructors do have a background in coaching and teaching, we exclude no-one on the basis of their previous knowledge. We believe that anyone can do this, and we’ve enrolled people from all walks of life to prove it.

Having said that, If after passing the course you decide you don’t want to teach a single class, run a book club or go on to lead regular seminars, I guarantee that the personal development techniques and skills you learn on the program will stand you in good stead. Improved self-confidence and knowledge are two highly valued attributes that can’t be measured in cash values alone.

Our Mission

To motivate and inspire others, whilst helping our instructors build a viable business for themselves, based on ethical principles.

Our easy to follow online program is aimed at the complete novice and provides an in-depth simple to follow email based training system that is specifically designed to build your confidence, increase your personal knowledge and awareness of Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® and provide the tools you will need to pass the message 

You don’t need any special qualifications to become an instructor nor do you need to have attended any Seminars or Workshops. You’ll receive all the training and support you need to inspire others to live from their Higher Self, free from worry, negativity, and self-doubt. The most important qualities for success are a love of the work, a desire to help others and an understanding of the book

The education modules provided within the program will show you clearly, how to share, market and deliver Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® whilst you augment your own self-knowledge… As remarked on by Barbara from N. Carolina 

” I’ve just completed Module 2, Chapter 7. The information in this chapter/lesson is absolutely what I needed to hear and think about today, in regards to my personal situation, so I found it particularly well-timed and helpful! All the lessons are very meaningful so far, and I’m getting a lot out of the course.” 
The Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® Personal Licence, is the perfect choice for anyone who wishes to continue their personal development journey and are willing to invest in their personal growth. It will provide you with an ideal opportunity to run an ethical business alongside full-time work or other commitments – with the possibility of increasing your commitment at a later date. The personal license allows an instructor to work with as many groups of up to 8 people as they wish – These might take the form of coffee shop meetups, book clubs, study groups or small seminars etc…
Each week throughout the program students receive an email based set of lessons, instructions, and exercises which they can complete at their own speed. The lessons themselves contain links to secure web pages that contain materials for downloading, including the comprehensive workbook, a series of 12 instructional videos and our unique Feel The Fear Training and seminar documentation.
Topics covered include self-development, how to use the book as a training aid, running a meeting, class dynamics, dealing with people, how to promote a group or meetup, charging for your services, and much more.
As a student, you will have full access to all these materials beyond the training period – use them as a refresher or library of ideas at any time during your license period…

Plus… all our students receive additional Business Benefits

Personal License Benefit #1

A one to one online meeting with a senior Instructor via Skype or telephone – to discuss your feel the fear journey, we like to speak face to face with every student BEFORE they undertake the training to allay any fears and answer any questions they may have.

Personal License Benefit #2

A full suite of branded materials to help you set up your new workshops, meeting or book club meetings etc. These include downloadable workbooks that can be printed and given to every attendee and a selection of essential stationery items.

Personal License Benefit #3

A professional and fully updateable Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® website. Set up by our technical support team the site is up and ready to go when you are – The course contains a simple form to fill in, then we take care of the rest. Your site is fully maintained, secured and hosted for the duration of your license at no extra cost. Your website can be easily updated by yourself because it is based on the industry standard WordPress framework. This Business Benefit alone would normally cost you around £500.

Personal License Benefit #4

A dedicated professional email address – Styled in the form yourname@feelthefeartraining.com this tells people straight away that you are part of a 30yr old world famous brand, and that you have committed to your success.

Personal License Benefit #5

Signed Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® certification to prove that you have completed the course – ready for lamination or framing to display wherever you conduct your classes.

Personal License Benefit #6

14 months of Licensing for the price of 12. Your annual first years’ license runs for an extra 2 months before renewal is due – effectively giving you two free months to get your training completed and your plans in place!

 feel the fear and do it anyway
 feel the fear and do it anyway
 feel the fear and do it anyway

Our instructors are simply changing lives. You could be too…

Our people come from many wonderful and alternative varied backgrounds. Some already have their own business as a coach, counselor, or holistic therapist and choose to use the feel the fear methodology as their intervention of choice.

Some are new to being a ‘force for good’ and start by simply running workshops part-time alongside other work they carry out.

Some are students or retired and want to help inspire others around their other commitments.

We even have instructors who work full time at the moment and see this fantastic opportunity as a way to work towards having their own consulting business and making a positive difference in the world.

One thing they all have in common is their passion for Susan’s material

Delivering the concepts of the book through workshops, seminars or individual coaching sessions – our instructors are simply changing lives. You could be too!

Feedback from our own attendees tells us that learning the tools with like-minded people in a positive environment – the way you are taught on the course – helps take learning to the next level.

We also know from our own statistics, that the demand for this kind of learning is continually expanding in our time challenged and distracted society.

Types of License and revenue expectations.


The amount you can earn truly depends on you and the license you choose. At this time we have 3 levels of licensing designed for all levels of students – although we always recommend starting with the PERSONAL LICENSE.

Our Professional License groups are available for those already running coaching, mentoring or similar businesses or have completed the Personal License course and wish to advance further.

Amounts earned are entirely dependent on what markets you are licensed to work in, what your motivations are, and how passionate you are about wanting to work at spreading the word about Feel the Fear.

A word about money…


During the one to one online meetings that we have with every student, we’ve picked up on a topic that seems to trouble a few students… They are worried about charging for their services, this fear is COMPLETELY GROUNDLESS. It is regrettable, but nevertheless, a true fact of life that money is the exchange mechanism by which value is traded – if a person adds value to another’s life, that exchange deserves to be rewarded for two reasons…

  1. The provider of the services has exchanged their own time effort and finance to be in the position to deliver the service.
  2. If the provider of the services does not charge for them, then they are undermining their own self-worth and confidence.

We have some instructors who deliver three seminars a year, simply because they love touching others’ lives. Clearly, the more time and effort you devote put into the business side of Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®  the more income you will generate for yourself.

At this point in time, we also have had instructors who use Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® as their main income in the corporate market, with a turnover of over £80,000 (US$110,000) a year.

Big Savings for overseas students…

At the time of writing the UK Pound is at an all-time low with regard to overseas currencies – so right now, there are big savings to be made. 

As the ONLY licensed training program in the world that has the full official endorsement of the Susan Jeffers Corporation, we know that we have something special to offer students who want more for themselves, their families, friends and ultimately the wider public. 

When you send your details:
we’ll give you access to a comprehensive information pack and send further details about the course

When you join the program:
You will receive comprehensive study notes, training aids and videos that teach and empower you, helping you to help others whilst building your own self-confidence and knowledge. 

Other than some knowledge of the book  Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®, no previous experience or skills are needed or assumed. Everything you need is provided in our easy to follow email coursework and study modules. Fill in the form to find out more…