Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®

Welcome to the Professional License Training Academy


Designed to train Professional and Corporate License Holders, here you will find everything needed to get your business off to a good start, including four separate training tool-kits that cover

  • Planning your business.
  • Marketing your services.
  • Workshop and seminar management.
  • Business administration and paperwork
How it works...

Welcome to the Feel the Fear Training Academy

In the academy, you will be able to complete the online modules allowing you to become a qualified instructor. The academy also stores all the documents you need to run your business.

On completion of the application process you will be assigned a username and password – please keep them safe as they provide access to your results and feedback.

As a logged in user you can access the following:


To ensure we give you a quick response to any queries, please complete a support ticket – using the Student Support link – you can also see a list of all your saved support tickets in the My Support Tickets area


All the documents you need to plan, deliver and evaluate your courses are in the Academy Library. In addition, there are planning documents which will help you keep focused.

There are 4 Toolkits:

  • Instructors
  • Marketing
  • Seminar
  • Planning

In each toolkit there are documents which support your business. Each document includes an explanation…

Each document has an explanation of how we expect you to use it and the benefits the document will give you. However, please feel free to complete a support ticket if you need any additional branded documents to help you in your business. We will consider all requests.

A selection of the documents such as the business cards and flyers can be personalised with your details. Some documents are downloadable…and you can edit them online. You can then save them on your computer for reference. However we have also made print ready versions if you prefer to complete them by hand.

Paper based marketing documents such as flyers and business cards can be sent to a printer of your choice to be printed. There are printing guidelines under each document to ensure we maintain professional standards. We suggest you research online to ensure you get the best value for money from your printers.


Your online training modules can be accessed here. Courses are not designed to be easy and some modules may require persistence and repeated work to complete. This is intentional since we are keen to ensure that all our qualified instructors have full knowledge of the topics they will be presenting.

Courses are arranged sequentially – you cannot move on to the next question unless you have answered the current question and you will not be able to proceed to the next course until the previous course has been successfully completed – of course, we are here to offer help and support throughout the process.

There are 5 courses to complete

  1. Feel the Fear & Believe in Yourself
  2. Feel the Fear and Market your Courses
  3. Feel the Fear and Deliver a Workshop
  4. Feel the Fear and Create more Revenue
  5. Feel the Fear and Go Corporate.*

* If you have paid for an enhanced licence then you will be able to access course 5.

The programme will save your work and you can return to it at any time. Remember as soon as you have completed the final module you are a qualified instructor and you are ready to start your business.


Your dashboard shows the courses you are enrolled in, together with an up to date workbook – showing your personal results and scores.