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Ásdís Guðmundsdóttir - Licensed Instructor - Reykjavík - Iceland
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About Me

I have experienced anxiety for most of my adult life and it has affected me in many ways, both in my personal and professional life. I have done various things to try to deal with it, I have practiced yoga and meditated which is, of course, a great way to deal with it.

Then five years ago I stumbled upon the book Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway by Susan Jeffers. I found the book inspirational, well written and full of practical assignments and tips that make you think about how you talk to yourself, how to increase self-esteem and therefore decrease fear and anxiety. I read it back and forth, working on the exercises which I found really helpful.

I decided to send an e-mail to Susan Jeffers to see if I could become a trainer… I felt the fear and did it anyway! I got an instant reply along with an application form. For several reasons I did not fill it out but had the book handy and used the assignments, somehow I did not feel ready at that time. 

Soon after this I started to participate in European projects, training people in business and soft skills as well as using Mentoring CirclesTM. I got valuable experience in training through these projects and I realized how much I enjoyed being a trainer.  I found it very rewarding to feel how participants were thankful and how they benefitted from the training.

 I continued to receive information from Susan and one day I got an offer to participate in a training to become a certified trainer. Now the time was right, I had more experience and was ready! I decided to take the leap and here I am!

Anxiety and fear are amongst the most pressing mental health issues that the world is facing and they have a profound effect on people in so many ways. If you are one of the people, this training might be for you! If so, I am looking forward to working with you! 

About My Work 

In my work for the last 5 years, I have had the chance of training people and I simply find it fantastic.  I have discovered that I have a passion for assisting people to realize and map their strengths, finding out about resilience and making goals.

A little about me: For the last 10 years I have worked as a project manager at the Directorate of Labour in Iceland where my work is mainly with women entrepreneurs.  I have participated and led European based projects that have the main aim of providing training in business-related issues and self-esteem for women. I have also experience in leading Mentoring CirclesTM; Those are small groups that are working jointly on strengthening skills and competencies.  

I have experience in the following projects:
GetMobile – trainer in Mentoring CirclesTM for unemployed people.
GO4IT – trainer in Mentoring CirclesTM for women entrepreneurs.
FREE – trainer in Mentoring Circles online.
EMPOWER – Training for women of foreign origin in Iceland, working with self-esteem, goal setting, resilience. 

I am licensed to train Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® in the following areas

  • Individual one to one sessions
  • Workshops usually between 1 – 8 delegates
  • Seminars
  • Coaching/Mentoring 121 sessions Skype/face-to-face
  • FTF Mastermind Groups 1-5
  • Meet Up Style eventsCertified Life Coach

My other qualifications include:

A sociologist from The University of Iceland
Masters in Management, University of Bifröst, Iceland
Masters in International management, EAE Business School,  Barcelona, Spain

Customer Reviews

Ásdís was a trainer in the GO4IT project that I participated in a few years back. We participated in Mentoring Circles where we developed our skills and competencies. She was very good at delivering the material and had a way of making the group work well together. With her help, the individuals and group flourished and they still do to this day!
Hulda Sveins, entrepreneur

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Hours of Business

If you are interested in attending the training, please send an email.

Ásdís Guðmundsdóttir
Reykjavík, Iceland

Email : a.gudmundsdottir@feelthefeartraining.com

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