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January is my favorite time of year for reflection, meditation, and planning.

Please join me in taking a few minutes to consider our Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® journey so far…

Why not take a moment to reflect on the following questions?

  • What tools did you use to move out of your comfort zone in 2018?
  • What specific fears did you overcome in 2018?
  • How do you want to move out of your comfort zone in 2019?
  • What specific fears do you want to overcome in 2019?
  • What goals do you want to achieve in 2019?
  • How is self-doubt stopping you from achieving your goals?
  • Which strategies from Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® will you use to achieve your goals in 2019?

What action can you take right now which will help you create the life you dream of?
Sharing the message with others is simply the next step in your personal development journey. The most important qualities for success are a love of the work, a desire to help others and an understanding of the book, no other experience is required. In around 6 weeks our students move from wondering if they are skilled enough to be an instructor with us, to becoming qualified and actively recruiting delegates for their own workshops and book club meetings.

Now that is really Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway!