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As you know our Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® instructors come from a huge variety of backgrounds, but regardless of background, location or education, they all have one thing in common. They love the book and they know that it works for them.

Having read the book, for many people the next step will be to tell a friend, recommend it to others or even buy a copy or two for someone special.

It’s a natural reaction, to let others know about good news, and thank goodness for that, because believe me, we need good news more than ever in these days of fake news, economic uncertainty and political unrest. It’s no wonder people are feeling anxious and fearful. In fact, I would go so far as to say FEAR is having a bit of a field day!

And this is something I see reflected every month in our website statistics. How’s that? you might ask, what do numbers have to do with fear and anxiety?

Well here’s a fact to set you thinking – every month the most requested page on our site is the events page – that’s the page where people go to try and find a seminar or workshop in their area to continue their understanding of Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®.

That statistic alone reminds me of the need for this work in our troubled society… 

Demand for self-help groups, holistic therapies, and the like seem to be at all time high – but it seems that these only deal with the symptoms of the people who look to them for answers. Once you’ve become familiar with the book, you begin to realize that it is the actual illness that needs treating. FEAR is at the root of so many modern day problems. Susan was always adamant it wasn’t therapy and it wasn’t counseling; it was a psychological education and I agree with her.

The demand for people to help has never been greater. And the numbers looking for that help seem to be increasing daily.

You know, in my personal experience I’ve noticed that there are two forces that prompt most of our instructors to continue their own self-development journeys.

The first is to help themselves, to be better, more confident and less fearful people with a better outlook and attitude to life, with a happier disposition.

The second is a genuine desire to help others achieve the same because a joy shared is joy doubled…Do you feel the same way? 

Why not drop me a line to arrange a personal one-on-one Skype call. It’s always a pleasure to talk to like-minded people who share a passion for Susan’s material.

Warm regards

Rachael Alexander
Director of Training
Feel The Fear Training