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About Me

Conrad lives and works in London. He is an inspirational and motivational speaker, Executive Coach (AADCT L4/4 accredited), Licensed Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® trainer and Change Management Consultant.

He has a foot firmly in both the personal development and corporate camps and is successfully delivering his  coaching model based on the proven teachings and concepts of Feel the fear and do it anyway®, to both individual and corporate organisations.

He has established a reputation as a successful and highly respected Change Consultant and has worked with global corporations such as Schroders, UBS, BCG, BT, Microsoft, AstraZeneca, GSK and IBM facilitating and implementing successful Change programmes and strategies.

In recent years, Conrad’s focus has been on the psychological aspects of the working environment. He has studied Psychology at the Open University and has the highest level 4/4 Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coach Training (AADCT)

In a recent interview, Conrad summed up his Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® journey and vision thus:

“After an extremely difficult and upsetting period in my life, I chose to attend a Feel the fear and do it anyway workshop. I was at a pretty low point, but the decision literally ‘changed my life’. I was familiar with the book having read it prevously. However, the incredible changes that came from actually doing the exercises, and the support of the group, totally blew me away and set me on a path to continuous positive change.

As a Change Consultant, I regularly conducted interviews, presentations and workshops, and loved this interactive part of the process. Engaging with people to help them overcome their fear of change, loss of control and fear of the unknown, was incredibly rewarding. To be able to adopt these skills to embrace the Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® concepts was a perfect match!

Taking the Feel the Fear course was an epiphany for me.  I knew there and then that this was the way forward. I had to take the teachings and help people in the way that I had been helped.

“And in true Feel the Fear style… This is exactly what I’ve done”.

About My Work 

We all have fears – Fear is a perfectly normal healthy response based on our innate survival instinct – It is however, frequently misplaced, holding us back from achieving success in our lives.

My work is all about empowering positive change in people and organisations. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution and my coaching and training is specifically tailored to the issues and challenges you are facing and will face as individuals and/or organisations.

The Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® system is a proven methodology and is a global training system based on the best-selling book of the same name that has helped millions of people worldwide. My FTFADIA coaching delivers this methodology whilst also embracing and utilising my learned skills in executive coaching, organisational development and change management and just as importantly, my wealth of life skills and experience.

Effective coaching is not a tick box exercise! Positive results come from creating an enjoyable, engaging and meaningful learning experience. It is critical for the coach/trainer not only to provide clear instruction, but to emotionally engage in critically examining attitudes, beliefs and behaviours.

I work in an educational and experiential interactive basis, creating strong connections and empathy with my clients to provide positive and lasting change. I work in a variety of formats and in the personal, corporate and education sectors. I am flexible in my approach to best meet your needs. Typical engagements include:

  • Individual one-to-one coaching sessions (Skype and face-to-face)
  • Group Workshops – Usually between 8-12 delegates
  • ‘One Shot’ FTFADIA Motivation sessions (½ day)
  • Seminars – Typically between 15 – 250 delegates
  • Meet up study groups
  • Corporate speaking engagements

My goal – To inspire and empower you to be the best you can be.

About Feel the Fear


What is Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway®

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® is a worldwide best-selling self-help book. Published over 30 years ago it has helped millions of people to overcome their fears and move forward in their lives with it’s simple and profound advice.

Celebrity fans include Jim Carrey who learned to not let fear of failure stop him, actress Julie Walters who admitted it helped her get where she is in life. Joe Pasquale who qualified for his pilot’s license after having a fear of flying. Geri Halliwell quoted the book as giving her the courage to leave the Spice Girls and Tamara Mellon, the former boss of Jimmy Choo, who says the book’s title is her motto. The book appeals to those both in businesses and personally because the core fears are triggered in both environments.

Feel The Fear teaches that doing anything new in life is scary — and no one is immune to it. The only way to get through this is to get stuck into the things that terrify you. These fears may be in your workplace or in your personal life.  The key to success is to recognise them and then push through them.

Whatever your anxieties the tools will give you the insight to vastly improve your ability to handle any situation. Through using the tools you will learn to live your life the way you want and move from a place of suffering, paralysis, and depression to one of power, energy and love.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® for Personal Development

Participating in a Feel the Fear Training System workshop is ideal for those who are wanting to improve their life in some way but unsure where to start.

You’ll learn how to…

  • Think more positive and reduce negativity.
  • How to feel more in control of your life
  • Learn to say ‘No’ to others
  • Become more assertive in all areas of your life
  • How to change your reactions to situations
  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm and anxiety
  • Create a positive support system around you
  • Find gratitude and abundance
  • Balance all areas of your life
  • Improve sleep and improve physical well-being

The workshops are delivered locally to you and are attended by people like you who are open to support and inspiration from instructors who once felt like you did. Pitched at a level suitable to all regardless of academic qualifications, the material is taught in a down to earth and friendly manner. It is empowering to realise  others in the room feel the same way as each other. Remember we are not alone.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® in Business

Some of the ways our training will positively impact your business

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Engage employees & create a connected team
  • Increase morale and accountability
  • Positively deal with under-performance issues
  • Create sales people who can ask for the business
  • Reduce absenteeism and increase staff retention rates
  • Improve customer service standards
  • Create a culture of openness and honesty
  • Managers who role model vulnerability and self-awareness

The Feel the Fear Training System allows management and employees to operate from their more productive courageous selves, creating a better work-life balance while enhancing productivity.

The Feel the Fear Training System is a unique, personalised and interactive approach based on 30 years of success of the landmark work, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®. The book is consistently recognised as one of the top ten business decision-making books.

Why does this material change results? This Training System is not for the faint-hearted – it is for those courageous leaders who are willing to explore the concept of fear and how it may be sabotaging their business results…

Fear is rarely discussed in the workplace. In fact it can often be seen as a dirty word, and few want to admit that fear is a part of their organisation. But upon closer examination, many challenges faced in the workplace are driven by fear. Any responsible executive will admit that effectiveness and efficiency are often hampered by employee and management inflexibility, cynicism, “us versus them” syndrome, resistance to change, misplaced priorities, lack of recognition, silence, sarcasm, and management by intimidation – all different manifestations of fear.

The results of this fear driven behaviour is seen through lost sales, poor customer service, increasing customer complaints, high level of absenteeism through stress, fractured working relationships, poor communication and organisational goals not being achieved.

The Feel the Fear Training System has been improving results in workplaces for over thirty years due to our customised approach. We fit to the needs of each client, personalising our training to address the issues which are blocking success.

The training experience empowers management and employees to take ownership of their work by understanding and overcoming the fears and other negative emotions that limit them and the organization, preventing them achieving their full potential.

The approach is customised, yet universal – everyone in any organisation can benefit from the empowerment our training creates. Whether educating executives, developing leaders, improving communication, or training specific functions, the Feel the Fear approach is powerfully relevant and gets results.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway® in Education

The Feel the Fear Training System is helping to create a new generation of students who understand how to stay calm, remain focused and believe in their academic abilities. This grounding in positivity is helping to create future employees who are responsible and accountable for their actions.

The Training System can be delivered to suit the timetable and budgetary needs of the school, academy, college or university. Throughout the sessions students will learn strategies to help them overcome self-doubt, empower them to cope with deadlines and stay focused on the challenges ahead. A key concept of the material is for students to take responsibility and accountability for their academic results.

Students learn how to

  • Understand the concept of fear and how to handle it
  • Identify what fears may be stopping their success
  • Eliminate a negative mindset and create positivity in their life
  • Stop blaming others and be responsible for their actions
  • Learn how to create a balanced life of education and social activities
  • Raise level of self-esteem and let go of insecurity and self-doubt
  • Ways to cope with stressful times and make sensible choices
  • Identify who is a positive support system in their life and handle bullies.

Each student is supplied with their own workbook, which they can keep throughout their academic journey. The skills they learn from this material will kick start their journey of psychological maturity, not only helping them to achieve academic success but enter the world of work as a responsible and engaged employee.


Customer Reviews


“Conrad has a natural ability to inspire, with an infectious enthusiasm and creative spark. With his encouragement, I was able to rediscover passions and abilities that had become buried and develop the confidence re-engage and live my life in a positive manner”

“Conrad is an inspiration!
Thank you so much for helping me get back on track”

“Excellent Workshop – Excellent tutor!
I have learnt to positively embrace change and move forward with my life. I would recommend the workshop to anyone feeling stuck in any way”

“I hope you’re still running the brilliant FTFADIA classes – Joining your Feel the Fear course last year was a real gamechanger for me; so much so that both you as a teacher, and the content of the course, really really helped inspire and get me to act on a recent exciting project”


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