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Frequently Asked Questions

The vast majority of students have very similar questions about the program and running a business, so to make things easy we’ve grouped the most popular queries together in this help section. 

I have just finished reading Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®and have been inspired by the message. How can I take my learning to the next level?

This book has been changing lives for over 30 years and our most successful instructors are readers just like you who wanted to learn more. Our in-depth personal training will accelerate your Feel the Fear journey to the next level as you learn how to apply the tools to yourself through completing our specially designed Feel the Fear workbook. Once you have understood the full impact of the material on yourself, you will probably be inspired to share the material with your family and friends. At this point, we recommend you seriously consider becoming an instructor with us.

I do not have teaching qualifications nor am I a coach or counsellor, am I still able to become an instructor?

Feel the Fear workshops are not therapy sessions, rather, they are educational in format -  therefore you do not need any professional qualifications to become an instructor. Of course, it's an added benefit if you do have this knowledge and experience. You are trained in sharing the tools and strategies from the book, Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway® via our comprehensive training system. Along with this training and your passion for the material, you will become a catalyst for change for many people.

The book has impacted me so much that I want to share the message with others, how do I become trained to do this?

Your first step is deciding where you want to share the strategies.  From family, friends and small groups to inspiring others in business seminars and industry. Entering your details on this page will give you access to the information packs, which detail the difference between the various licenses. You can then decide license is suitable for your purpose.

How much does it cost to become a Feel the Fear instructor?

The cost varies depending on which license you want to take and which market you want to work with. The personal license training course and 12-month license start from £997 This includes an exclusively designed website and email address.

Is there a yearly renewable license cost?

The license is renewable every 12 months. The cost of renewing the license each year is £495 for all licenses. This includes the hosting fees and technical support for your exclusively designed Feel the Fear website and email address.

What support do I receive from head office?

The level of support differs depending on which license you take. The information pack bespoke to each license details the different levels of support. However, with all licenses, you are expected to be sufficiently self-motivated and able to push through your own fears, to deliver your own style of workshops.

Am I employed by Feel the Fear?

No, you are a self-employed instructor. This means you are responsible for generating your own income, obtaining your own insurance and paying your own taxes.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, you are required to sign a license agreement each year.

Do I have to pay for workbooks for each delegate?

Our licensing program is quite unique, in that you are not required to order delegate workbooks from us at a heavily inflated price. Once you are qualified and have signed the license agreement, we then send you a PDF of the Feel the Fear workbook for delegates. You then print your own copies or obtain printed copies locally.

I can’t decide which of three licenses to take, can I upgrade at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time, you simply pay the difference in the license fee. The first step is deciding which sector you want to deliver to, as each license is designed for specific markets.

I am worried I will not pass the training, as I have been absent from a learning environment for quite a long time.

We carefully recruit our instructors via friendly informal online meetings. At this time we always discuss your suitability and ability level, by the end of the meeting, we will both know if becoming an instructor is right for you.

How long does the personal license training take to complete?

The personal license training is delivered via an email correspondence course and supporting materials on our websites. You receive 5 modules over 28 days. However, you are not pressurized into completing the training within the 28 days. Each module takes approximately 3- 5 hours per week. You also receive written material to support your training and will always have access to this material. You learn at your own speed in your own home.

How long does the Professional License Training take?

Professional License Training is delivered via The Feel the Fear Training Academy. You are given a password to access the content. As we are training you to deliver to larger and more professional market sectors, the training takes slightly longer. Approximately 5-8 hours per week. Again there is no rush to complete the training.

Does my 12-month license start as soon as I start the training?

No, your 12-month license starts on completion of your training. We do not wish to rush you through the training as this is your own personal development journey and needs to be enjoyed.

What if I don’t feel confident to deliver workshops after finishing the training?

All of our instructors who have undertaken the training have delivered workshops. Remember, here at head office we want you to be successful so we encourage and support you as much as possible. The training is designed to push you out of your comfort zone and learn about your own so that you can conquer them! Allowing you to move on to share the positive messages with others. Supplementary personal coaching sessions are available with all the licenses either for a small charge or included in professional license fees.

How do I pay for the license?

For all licenses, payment can be made through PayPal. PayPal also accepts credit card payments. With the personal license, you can either pay in full or via two installments.. The professional license has a deposit and installment system. More information can be found in each of the bespoke information packs.

How do I learn how to deliver Feel the Fear workshops?

The training covers everything, from finding a venue to structuring a workshop. It also explains how to manage group dynamics and confidentiality. We ensure you are fully trained in all the logistics of inspiring others with the positive message.

I work full-time, am I still able to apply to be an instructor?

Yes, many of our instructors work full or part-time and still deliver life-changing workshops around their work and family commitments.

What qualities make a successful instructor?

Quite simply, a passion for the material and the enthusiasm to spread the feel the fear message are the qualities that make a successful instructor. You do need to have courage to encourage others to attend your workshops. However we do not condone hard sell at Feel the Fear, simply be the beacon of light using the Feel the Fear strategies on yourself and you will automatically inspire others to want to learn more.

How long are typical workshops or courses?

Completely flexible is the answer to this one. You can choose to deliver the message in whatever format you choose. This can be from 2-hour sessions over a few weeks to full weekend courses. With the personal license, you are eligible to deliver the material via a book club format as well. The professional license and Professional Plus license allows you to deliver the material in 1-2-1 sessions as well as large groups and seminars.

What are the next steps to becoming an instructor?
  • Fill in the form to receive more information, 
  • Contact us for an online Zoom meeting to discuss your suitability. 
  • Have your questions prepared to ensure you gain clarity.

Our Mission

‘To motivate and inspire others, whilst helping our instructors build a viable business for themselves, based on ethical principles.’

In around 6 weeks you could be helping others whilst building an income for yourself and fulfilling your dreams as a licensed Instructor…

Our authorized easy to follow online courses are designed to develop your skills and build your confidence…

The most important qualities for success are a love of the work, a desire to help others and an understanding of the book, no other experience is required.

I’m so glad you’ve decided to take your personal development to the next level by finding out more about the Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® training program for personal Instructors. As the ONLY licensed training program in the world that has the full official endorsement of the Susan Jeffers Corporation, we like to think we have something special to offer students who want more for themselves, their families, friends and ultimately the wider public. 

When you join
You will receive comprehensive study notes, training aids and videos that teach and empower you, helping you to help others whilst building your own self-confidence and knowledge. Other than some knowledge of the book  Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®, no previous experience or skills are needed or assumed. Everything you need is provided in our easy to follow email coursework and study modules. Fill in the form to find out more…