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Professional Instructor Training Program

The ONLY program in the world with full official endorsement of the Susan Jeffers Corporation.
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Our Mission

To motivate and inspire others, whilst helping our instructors build a viable business for themselves, based on ethical principles.

Could you be our next  Professional instructor?

The Professional License is designed for those who already run coaching, mentoring or similar businesses or who have completed the Personal License course and wish to advance further. A discounted upgrade path is available for Personal License holders who have successfully completed their coursework.

As a Professional License holder, you will be delivering the message from Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® to a much wider, and possibly more professional audience and because of the added responsibility this brings with it, we have designed a comprehensive program – delivered via our bespoke online learning system in The Academy

Access to materials in the Academy is strictly controlled and is available ONLY to Professional Licensees.

Students learn at their own pace – working directly within The Academy with their own account, username, and password. The learning system remembers each student and their progress within each module – so you can pause and restart your training at any time. 

There are 5 courses to complete in the program

  1. Feel the Fear & Believe in Yourself
  2. Feel the Fear and Market your Courses
  3. Feel the Fear and Deliver a Workshop
  4. Feel the Fear and Create more Revenue
  5. Feel the Fear and Go Corporate.*

* If you have paid for an enhanced license then you will be able to access course 5.

Each course module uses various text, display and video sections to help the learner understand the principles involved. Everything is covered in detail and at the end of each course, there is a short multiple choice test section to reinforce the lesson learned. On successful completion of a course section, the system allows you to progress to the next part of the program.

The Library

The Academy is the central hub for all Professional Licensees. In addition to the central learning system, the Academy gives access to the Library: All the documents you need to plan, deliver and evaluate your own courses are in the Academy Library. In addition, there are planning documents which will help you keep focused.

There are 4 Toolkits:

  • Instructors
  • Marketing
  • Seminar
  • Planning

In each toolkit, there are documents which support your business. Each document has an explanation of how we expect you to use it and the benefits the document will give you. However, please feel free to complete a support ticket if you need any additional branded documents to help you in your business. We will consider all requests.

A selection of documents such as business cards and flyers can be personalized with your details. Some documents are downloadable…and you can edit them online. You can then save them on your computer for reference. However, we have also made print-ready versions if you prefer to complete them by hand.

Paper-based marketing documents such as flyers and business cards can be sent to a printer of your choice to be printed. There are printing guidelines under each document to ensure we maintain professional standards. We suggest you research online to ensure you get the best value for money from your printers.

Support Tickets

From within the Academy, you can access the Professional Licensees support ticket system – Designed to provide fast help the ticket area also lets you store and record the tickets you raise and their supported answers

Is this for you?

Due to the global success of the Feel the Fear Training System we are looking for instructors, who are positive and motivated to join our team. We need people who are

  • Passionate and positive about Feel the Fear strategies
  • Empathetic with a positive intention
  • Honest and courageous
  • Tenacious and determined
  • Self-aware and committed to their personal growth.
  • Strategic and decisive
  • Able to motivate and inspire

We support our instructors by providing you with all the materials you need to start your business and teach you how to deliver the material from our ‘proven to work’ system. For example, our online Academy Library contains over 50 items designed to build your business from day one – quite literally a business in a box.

The most important quality you need is to have a passion for the product and want to inspire others. Please don’t let setting up your own business be a blockage to inspiring and empowering people. We can support you with this aspect too. 

Our instructors come from many wonderful and alternative varied backgrounds. However, one thing they all have in common is their passion for Susan’s material.

Some instructors already have their own business as a coach, counselor, or holistic therapist. However many of our trainers also work full time at the moment and see this fantastic opportunity as a way to work towards having their own business and making a positive difference in the world. Some instructors simply run it part-time alongside other work they carry out.

Our instructors are simply changing lives…

Delivering the concepts of the book through workshops, seminars or individual coaching sessions – our instructors are simply changing lives. You could be too! Many people who have read the book want to go one step further in applying the concepts to their life. Feedback tells us learning the tools with like-minded people in a positive environment helps to take their learning to the next level. We have seen demand grow for the workshops over the last ten years.

We also have instructors successfully delivering Feel the Fear training in organizations across the world. The Feel the Fear Training System encourages management and employees to take responsibility and accountability in their daily working activities. You too could be delivering in this market if you want too.

Educational establishments are rapidly becoming a prime market for Feel the Fear Training. The system teaches both students and faculty how to become engaged and courageous in their day to day interactions. Helping to create the employees of the future, right from the classroom. The Feel the Fear Training system assist anyone who wants to ensure fear does not stop him or her from performing at his or her optimum level.

As an instructor, you have the freedom to deliver the messages in many different formats from full-time workshops to individual sessions.  We will ask you your preference on the application form. You can apply for a license to work with individuals including educational establishments and charities or you can also take up an enhanced license that includes corporate training.

Our qualified Instructors have exclusive unlimited access to all training materials and support systems. The Academy library and live online training courses have been specially formulated to take students from novice to qualified instructor in a structured, easy to follow process.

Your success is our success. Our aim is to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible around the world with this life-changing material.

Revenue Generating Opportunities

The amount you can earn really depends on you. This will depend on what markets you want to work in, what your motivations are, and how passionate you are about wanting to work at spreading the word about Feel the Fear.

We have some instructors who deliver three seminars a year, simply because they love touching others’ lives. Clearly the more you devote 100% of your activities towards deriving revenue from Feel the Fear the more income you will generate for yourself.

Alternatively, we have some Professional instructors who use Feel the Fear as their main income and have worked in the corporate market with a turnover of over £80,000 (US$110,000) a year.

Big Savings for overseas students…

At the time of writing the UK Pound is at an all-time low with regard to overseas currencies – so right now, there are big savings to be made. 

If you think you have what it takes to be an instructor, please contact us directly using the form below

All our students receive additional Business Benefits

Business Benefit #1

A one to one online meeting with a senior Instructor via Skype or telephone – to discuss your feel the fear journey, we like to speak face to face with every student BEFORE they undertake the training to allay any fears and answer any questions they may have.

Business Benefit #2

A full suite of branded materials to help you set up your new workshops, meeting or book club meetings etc. These include downloadable workbooks that can be printed and given to every attendee and a selection of essential stationery items.

Business Benefit #3

A professional and fully updateable Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® website. Set up by our technical support team the site is up and ready to go when you are – The course contains a simple form to fill in, then we take care of the rest. Your site is fully maintained, secured and hosted for the duration of your license at no extra cost. Your website can be easily updated by yourself because it is based on the industry standard WordPress framework. This Business Benefit alone would normally cost you around £500.

Business Benefit #4

A dedicated professional email address – Styled in the form yourname@feelthefeartraining.com this tells people straight away that you are part of a 30yr old world famous brand, and that you have committed to your success.

Business Benefit #5

Signed Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® certification to prove that you have completed the course – ready for lamination or framing to display wherever you conduct your classes.


Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Professional Training Course Online
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Professional Training Course Online
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Professional Training Course Online

Please complete the form – we’ll give you instant access to the full information pack for Professional Licensees, a copy of our professional application form and a sample video showing you how The Academy works…

Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway Professional Training Course Online