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About Me

I am a dynamic young woman of 30 years old who recently became aware that she was living someone else’s life and made a big change. I was always interested in self-development, probably because I was looking for answers about myself. I only started to find them when I realized that I needed to look inside.

Although I studied Psychology at University and took all kind of possible courses to learn more about myself, I only started to look inside a couple of years ago. I underwent a crisis in my life, which pushed me to stop and think. After 12 years of a relationship that I believed would last forever, I found myself alone and had no one to rely on anymore.

This is when the journey really started because I had no choice but to cope with my life and take care of myself. It took me three years to completely let go of that relationship. Three years during which I got involved in relationships because I couldn’t handle to be on my own and just deeply needed someone to fill up my life. During these three years though, I learned and read and studied and started to know myself more. I progressively understood the reasons why I got into these relationships and why I always needed someone around me. I am now completely free of those feelings.

I rely on myself and I enjoy myself. I find myself at times completely absorbed and happy doing very casual things. These moments are solid proof for me that I am free. I am now finally free to love because I have discovered self-love. I enjoy my own time. I am so much fun.

One of the biggest reasons that prevented me to get to that stage for so long was FEAR. I was afraid that I would not make it on my own and I was afraid that I would not survive if nobody loved me. It took me twice to understand Susan Jeffers’s book: “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”.

The second time that I read it, I kept thinking “where was I when I first read it?” I now understand that awareness and understanding grow deeper and deeper and I know that if I read it a third time, I will understand more. Anyway, this book made me think, made me hope, made me CHANGE. Also, the second time that I read it, I recognized myself in a couple of examples and I realized that I had already implemented a number of the tools that were described. I took notice of my progress. I was amazed by the gifts that Susan Jeffers had given me and, jumping out of my couch, I thought: “People need to know this”. And here I am, helping people to let go of their fears, connecting to their inner self, realizing the huge potential that lies within them and feeling so blessed and happy to do it.

About My Work

I like to call myself an awareness facilitator. The truth lies within every one of us. We all have an unlimited power inside of us and we all have a specific gift inside of us.

My aim is to help people turn inward and take notice of that beautiful gift inside of them. My job is to bring awareness to people by planting little positive seeds in their mind and heart. I help people to bridge the gap between their true nature and their reason. I strongly believe that people only lack the knowledge. They are ignorant of the beautiful truth about them and accept to live according to principles that are unnatural to them.

Since everyone is so different, I love to use different tools to help people. I have coached a large number of people, always following the concept that the truth comes “from the inside out”. I have focused on one on one sessions until recently but have now started to deliver workshops to people, linking yoga practices and coaching methods.

Until now, I have found most of my personal answers in yoga and I have found that practicing all the eight limbs of yoga had helped me to discover that space inside of me where my true nature is.

I am now expanding my tools and willing to help people with specific tools such as Susan Jeffers’s book and toolkit. I am also planning to become an NLP certified practitioner in order to expand my toolkit.

  • Individual one to one sessions
  • Workshops usually between 6-12 delegates
  • Seminars over 12 delegates
  • Education i.e. High School/College/University
  • Coaching/Mentoring 121 sessions Skype/face-to-face
  • FTF Mastermind Groups 1-5
  • Meet Up Style events
  • Certified Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher
  • Certified Life Coach

For specific requirements: e-mail me

Customer Reviews

I just wanted to say thanks for today. I feel like I have made a couple of really important decisions and i feel very peaceful and content right now. KS

Since working with you I have not let a day pass without making an improvement and have been taking action ever since. I have been moving one step forward. I am certainly out of depression and the state of limbo and have gained the knowledge and the power and more important the self-acceptance and faith in myself which I couldn’t be more grateful for.

I do believe you have changed my life. You have pointed things out to me which I can now see and I can see how my fear has been holding me back

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