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About Me

Hello! I’m Liz Tully 
I grew up in Yorkshire, England and moved to Sydney, Australia in 2000. I made the brave decision to move to the other side of the world, on my own, after a relationship breakdown. My plan was to spend a couple of years working and traveling around Australia…..however life rarely goes to plan!

After falling in love and getting married, my new husband and I moved to Brisbane in 2005 to buy our first house and start a new life.  I soon fell in love with the Queensland weather and lifestyle and have called Brisbane home ever since. 

My journey to becoming a Feel the Fear trainer began with a nagging feeling that I wanted more than my corporate job was giving me. Whilst working full time as an HR Manager I finally overcame my self-doubt (can I handle this? am I too old to learn something new?) and completed my Diploma of Modern Psychology. 

With my new skills and qualification, I was then struck by a sense of ‘what now’? I was too scared to leave my comfortable corporate job but still had that feeling of wanting more. This is when I first read Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway and came across the chapter called ‘How to Make a No-Lose Decision’. This moved me from pain to power as I gained the confidence to approach my manager and asked to trial a part-time job share arrangement.  As fearful as I was to ask, I knew this was far worse than feeling unfulfilled. My manager said yes!! 

Again, I was struck by a sense of ‘what now’? This brought more fears….how will I survive on a part-time salary? What if things didn’t work out? What do I know about running a personal development business? My list of fears went on…..

Through a combination of facing my fears, hard work, positive affirmations, and gratitude, I continue to work part-time in my corporate HR role as well as running my own business as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and accredited Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Trainer®

I am passionate about personal development and growth and consider myself a life-long student.

About My Work 

Having worked across several Human Resource teams in the UK and Australia, I have learned a thing or two about people. In my experience, the biggest thing stopping people (including myself!) from growing and succeeding in life is themselves! 

Often, it’s a lack of confidence or a limiting self-belief but one of the biggest hurdles people face is fear.  

Fear of change
Fear of rejection  
Fear of changing jobs 
Fear of making decisions 
Fear of ending a negative relationship  
Fear of public speaking 
…and the list goes on. 

If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place!

I invite you to join one of my workshops to ‘Feel the Fear….and Do It Anyway’!! 

During the workshops, you will learn a lot more about yourself and gain practical tool and techniques to enable you to overcome all kinds of fears. 

My workshops are aimed at helping you overcome issues you face within the workplace however the learnings can be applied in all areas of life. 

In a 2017 poll by Gallup, it was found that up to 85% of workers worldwide were not engaged. That is a staggering number of people going to a workplace each day and not being engaged in what they do. There are many reasons for a lack of engagement, one of those reasons being fear…..

Fear of applying for a job
Fear of changing jobs 
Fear of being promoted 
Fear of asking for a pay increase 
Fear of change within the workplace 
Fear of approaching your boss 
Fear of confronting negative colleagues 

During my workshops, you will learn valuable tools and techniques to help overcome these fears and move you to a place of power. 

I am Licensed to train for the following sectors:
Individual one to one sessions
Study Groups and Seminars

My other qualifications include:
BSc (Hons) Business & Technology (UK)
Diploma of Human Resources Management
Diploma of Modern Psychology
Master Clinical Hypnotherapist
Mast NLP Practitioner

Customer Reviews

I just wanted to say thanks for today. I feel like I have made a couple of really important decisions and i feel very peaceful and content right now. KS

Since working with you I have not let a day pass without making an improvement and have been taking action ever since. I have been moving one step forward. I am certainly out of depression and the state of limbo and have gained the knowledge and the power and more important the self-acceptance and faith in myself which I couldn’t be more grateful for.

I do believe you have changed my life. You have pointed things out to me which I can now see and I can see how my fear has been holding me back

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