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About Me

My Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Trainer journey …..In my early 20’s (now 50) I went on an assertive training course and the trainer found time to listen to my concerns, asked a few questions and said “go buy Feel the Fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers”.

I can still remember how it felt that this guy thought I was worth that conversation and worth guiding. I bought the book and read it, loved it, used the tools and started to take action.

Well who would have thought that 23 years later I would become a trainer (official that is, as along those 20 years many people would have heard me say “go buy Feel the Fear” and “you can handle it”. I can remember thinking I would love to meet Susan.

Well whilst I never met Susan in person every time I teach I hear her voice and take great pleasure in knowing I am making that difference to people lives. I also know that my intent is to offer a safe learning environment that I know people will leave knowing their sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-love has achieved a new personal best! So to finish why do I do what I do… because when I deliver these workshops I am serving the universe.

I am giving back by sharing all that I have learnt and achieved through using these amazing, simple life changing tools and most of all I step up and be my best self! When your work is your passion ‘to educate, empower and enable all those whom I meet’

What’s not to like BEING a Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Trainer & Coach. 


About My Work 

I  work with both business’s and individuals helping to identify and unlock potential, purpose and productivity at work and in life.

My focus and purpose is to engage, educate and empower people to be their best selves.

I am a corporate trainer and NLP-qualified business coach with thirty years’ experience gained from working in both the public and private sector. Skilled at designing tailored programmes for a variety of clients.

The past seven years have been dedicated to creating and delivering personal performance training programmes. These programmes ‘up skill’ individuals and teams to be more effective, efficient and empowered in all areas of their life.

Specialising in turning fearful individuals into fearless, responsible and collaborative teams, thereby delivering business success. This has included working as an individual and in teams of trainers over a three-year period to deliver an induction programme for over 300 graduates.

I am qualified to train the following areas

  • Individual one to one sessions
  • Educational Establishments
  • Workshops usually between 6-12 delegates
  • Seminars over 12 delegates
  • Education i.e. High School/College/University
  • Coaching/Mentoring 121 sessions Skype/face-to-face
  • FTF Mastermind Groups
  • Meet Up Style events

Qualifications & Training 
International NLP Coaching Diploma awarded by INLPTA (International Neuro Linguistic Programmer Trainers Association) – 2011
Preparing To Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTTLS) – 2012
Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway® Licensed Trainer – 2012
Reiki Level 1 – Shaura Hall – 2013
Yoga & Neuroscience – Minded Institute – 2014
Introduction to Mindfulness – Shaura Hall – 2014
Mindfulness, Neuroscience and the body – prepare to teach mindful enquiry -2015
Certificate of Nutritional Healing – The Nutritional Healing Foundation – 2015

What people say about the workshops.
“I enjoyed learning new ways of thinking, how to change my thoughts and behaviours raising my self-discovery & self-worth”.
“I have renewed energy and enthusiasm to help me handle my current challenges.”
“There is nothing I would change about today’s workshop.”
“I had a wonderful day.”
“Nicky guiding words together with tools and strategies helped me see what I have achieved and recognise my strengths.”

Customer Reviews

Nicky is a warm, genuine, authentic lady who possess both the natural strengths, personal experiences and academic skills needed to offer support, advice and training at a high level, on a wide range of personal growth topics. Nicky has been supporting me through my personal and career growth for a number of months now and each time we’ve met I’ve taken away tools and advice that I’ve been able to immediately implement. Within minuets Nicky seemed to intuitively know and understand my situation and was able to tap into my own personal beliefs in order to both relate to me and offer me the sort of support and advice that would be useful to me as an individual. I’ve also had the pleasure of witnessing Nicky give support and advice in a group situation. Nicky has the ability to quickly and almost intuitively read, understand, relate and empathise with individuals in the group in order to offer specific advice. Nicky has the ability and flair to work at a high level with both individuals as well as larger groups. I wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend Nicky for any individual or group development work.
Emma Malloy Marketing Consultant & Strategist

Nicky has proven to be pivotal in supporting me through obstacles in my business and relationships. She thoughtfully directs questions making you search for the answers that you intuitively know yourself. The tried and tested “feel the fear” approach to planning constructive objectives to achieve your personal goals is priceless and a tool that I now refer back to with any challenge that presents. Having received coaching in the past, the content was not new to me. However, Nicky has a very unique way of communicating and relating to you personally to allow you to take action with solid understanding and confidence!
What is so unique and special about Nicky is that she follows up with you and constantly checks in. She held me accountable to my goals and probed with the right questions when doubt and fear were dominating my thoughts.
I genuinely can’t recommend her enough! For her empathy, experience, knowledge and ability to give you a kick up the bum when you most need it!
Kimberley Sheppherd Acupuncturist & Nutritional Therapist

I have worked with Nicky for the past 3 years and have found that whatever the format of training/workshop she presents it is always relevant and extremely useful. Nicky has a wonderful way of challenging thinking, helping people to see things in new ways and move forward in a productive and positive way. I would highly recommend any organisation to engage with Nicky either for 1-2-1 coaching, Leadership & Executive training or company-wide staff engagement and wellbeing exercises. If you talk through your requirements Nicky will be able to use all her experience and knowledge to build you a programme specific to the outcomes required.
Cathy Hinsley Buisness Support & Marketing Manager

This woman is special. She is, of course, skilful as a trainer in her areas of interest but her special talent is noticing and engaging with individuals in a group who need that extra touch, that extra minute, that extra encouragement or challenge. She achieves engagement, helps individuals and work teams take ‘action this day’ meeting the required and desired objectives.
There are many trainers and coaches who are good professional people, but Nicky Valantine has a real additional gift; she can build RAPPORT easily and focus on pushing people to achieve their own unique potential…….serious work completed with a smile and with encouragement, but also with challenge and focus.
David Morton, Partner. Rapport Communication Consultancy


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