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Padraic O'Maille | Licensed Instructor | Galway Ireland
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About Me

Twenty five years ago I read ‘Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway’ and I loved the practical wisdom in the book.

Following a serious health scare a few years ago I actually lived and applied the material in the book. I was so impressed with its power that I vowed if I ever regained my energy that I’d help people overcome their fears.

About My Work 

My background is in business and I discovered very quickly that fear  is endemic in business too. Business people fear changing; they fear ‘staying stuck.’ They fear rejection; they fear commitment. They fear failure; and perversely, many fear success.

Whatever the fear, the insights and wisdom and tools in ‘Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway’ will vastly improve your ability to handle any given situation. You will move from a place of pain, paralysis and depression (feelings that often accompany fear) to one of power, energy and excitement.


I am qualified to train the following areas

  • Individual one to one sessions
  • Corporate and industrial
  • Study Groups and Seminars
  • Educational Establishments
  • Workshops usually between 6-12 delegates
  • Seminars over 12 delegates
  • Coaching/Mentoring 121 sessions Skype/face-to-face
  • FTF Mastermind Groups
  • Meet Up Style events

My other qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Commerce.
  • Diploma in Marketing Practice.
  • Diploma in Education and Learning.
  • Master Practitioner in NLP.

Customer Reviews

‘Pádraic ranks as one of the best motivational speakers ever to have worked in Acorn Life. He has an uncanny ability to change peoples thinking for the better.’
Keith Butler. Sales Director. Acorn Life.

‘I have attended several of Pádraic’s training sessions. All I can say is that you will leave with the biggest boost to your confidence.
Niall Cunningham. Owner. Autopoint.

‘I learned more in a few weeks with Pádraic than I did in four years on a business degree. He has endless amounts of energy and his passion is infectious. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Alison Ritchie. Managing Director. Polar Ice Ltd.


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Hours of Business
Pádraic runs public courses on ‘Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway’ monthly. In addition he runs ‘Feel the Fear And Do It Anyway’ for businesses and corporates.

Pádraic Ó Máille
The Granary Suites,
Dominick Street,

Phone. 0035 3872 647817
Email. P@omaille.ie




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